Commercial Property Services Columbus, OH

Our Services

Whether it’s brokerage services, property management, or development, you need a commercial real estate company that’s on your side. Navigating the intricacies of the commercial real estate world can be tricky. We have been providing commercial real estate services for the Columbus, Ohio area since 1991 and belong to organizations that provide us with industry-leading knowledge and tactics to help you. Since our beginnings, we have managed hundreds of thousands of square footage of commercial real estate buildings and are an Accredited Management Organization (AMO) certified by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). We have many spaces available, including: warehouses, office buildings, industrial buildings, medical buildings, land, and more!

What We Do


We work on your behalf to find the perfect commercial real estate property for you. We use all of our experience and connections in the central Ohio area to give you a professional and streamlined experience through completion. We are a top commercial real estate brokerage in the Columbus area with national connections and listings totaling roughly 1.6 million sq ft.


You need someone experienced for your commercial real estate development. Since 1991, we have developed over 1.2 million sq. ft. of office and industrial property in the central Ohio area. We work through the issues including government tax incentives, site acquisition, construction, and financing both interim and permanent.

Property Management

When it comes to commercial property management, we are experts. If you need long term capital expense planning, budget preparation, accounting, or other property management services, we’ll take care of you. We are an Accredited Management Organization (AMO) with more than 800,000 sq. ft. under
management in central Ohio.

Clients We Serve

We take pride in serving many amazing Columbus area clients. Our commercial real estate service company has been brokering, developing, and managing properties since 1991. Since our inception, we have made it our goal to be informed with industry-leading knowledge and tactics to help all of the businesses we work with. We have accreditations, certifications, and belong to organizations that help grow our network and expertise. When it comes to commercial real estate services in Columbus, there is no equal! Our clients trust us for many services in many different industries.

Our Reviews

We have very specifications for our property than need to be met, and they have been outstanding at meeting all of them! For instance, one of them is temperature & humidity variances of no more than 5% in any one 24 hrs period regardless of the exterior conditions. They also created a 5-hour fire separation wall with specs that basically did not exist. They did all this on an extremely tight construction schedule!

HF Group/Assured Vault

Our property is always so well maintained! They have always been great at communicating with us when we need something and always get back to us right away. It’s been nice to not get nickel and dimed for every little thing that comes up, which has helped us to grow and expand our operations, which they have been able to accommodate as well!. We have been with them since 1993 and don’t plan on moving!

Aspen Fireplace & Patio

We have been with Mark Taggart since 1995 and it’s been nothing but fantastic! Our property is always well-maintained and they are so accommodating. When we need something, they always respond in a timely manner and address our concerns with care. Our rates have been competitive since we started with them in 1995 and we appreciate that very much.

The Bradley Company